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Lavonne Hightower

Escrow Officer

Lavonne Hightower’s escrow career dates back to the 80’s when she worked for a title company where she learned every aspect of the escrow and title process from the ground up. During her 30+ years of experience in escrow and title, she has handled numerous types of real estate transactions from simple to complex. Lavonne has the knowledge to handle difficult transactions and the people skills to work closely with you and your clients. Lavonne enjoys hearing the excitement of new homeowners sharing their experience of purchasing a home and sellers reminiscing about the time they spent in the home they are selling. Lavonne became a licensed Loan Officer in 2006, obtained her Credit Counseling Certificate in 2010, and her Mortgage Counseling Certificate in 2011 before returning to escrow in 2012. Her goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease during the escrow process. In her personal time, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and fur babies, traveling internationally, snow skiing, and horseback riding with friends and family.